Sunday, January 19, 2020

The Stories You Need to Tell

Somehow you have to find a way to write the stories you need to tell, even if they are sometimes the hardest to discover, take the longest to uncover, and are the most difficult to write.

Somehow you have to write the stories closest to your heart, the ones made of the secrets that you never share with anyone, the ones that contain your deepest fears, your most fervent hopes and dreams.

What you have to learn is how writing stories that you need to tell requires taking a risk--you have to reveal part of yourself that you ordinarily keep hidden.

They require that you take a leap of faith and believe that your story is worth telling, even if people laugh at it or dismiss it as foolishness. You still need to tell it.

Sometimes it's hard to face your fears, to write even when people are laughing behind their hands.

Somehow you have to write the stories you believe in, even when no one else does, because the stories insist on being written and won't let you walk away.

Somehow you have to find the determination and dedication to keep writing in the face of every obstacle life might throw in your way.

Somehow you have to find the commitment to show up every day.

Somehow you need to block out the naysayers, the jokers, the doubters, and surround yourself with people who encourage you to keep writing.

When you started writing, no one warned you how hard or how long it might take to write a story. Now you know.

And you can't give up or turn around. You have to keep going. You must carry on. Otherwise, your story may never be told.

So, for the sake of your story (and your heart) -- keep writing!

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