Sunday, September 24, 2017

Endings Come to Us

Endings come to us,
sometimes freely chosen
sometimes imposed by
the laws of nature,
a road stopped by
the stones of a cliff
or the edge of a lake.

You might run out of
ink or forget your pen
or come to the last
page of your notebook
and decide it’s time
for ending what you started
months ago.

Or you might wake up
with the line “Today’s
the day I end the
project,” and know
you’ll write to the 
end of the hour and
put down your pen
and it will be over.

You might laugh at the
notion of ending, asking
why should anything that
you enjoy so much
have to end, and
keep writing each
morning, writing as long
as your pen inspires
words to come through
you to the page.

Maybe the decision
isn’t in your hands.
Maybe you continue
until the well dries up
or the ink is used
or the paper gone.

Maybe it never ends,
even after the ending
comes, the words still
spinning in your head,
the joy of writing
never ending.


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