Sunday, January 11, 2015

Go, Write!

In the beginning, the page is blank--just blue lines and white spaces.

It’s like looking into a mirror of still water.

The page serves as the release mechanism, the trigger, the catalyst for thought.

But thought itself doesn’t take place on the page.

You may look at the lines and the spaces between the lines, but what you see is the image in your head, the image that is not yet on the page.

A thought unfolds inside your head, and the page lets you see this thought, in words or pictures, as your pen or pencil move across the paper’s smooth surface, reflecting your thoughts as you set them down.

The magic of writing takes place inside your head.

And the key to writing is to touch that magic and bring it to the page.

It’s time to begin, to push aside distractions, step around obstacles, sit down, and pick up your pencil.

Let the page inspire you to reach inside yourself, to step into that still water, to touch that magic.

The year has begun.

Go, write!

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