Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Path to the Sea

Here is the path that we’ll take to the sea.

It’s the beginning of our journey.

We don’t know where the path will lead us.

(We have no maps, no clues.)

All we can do is walk toward the clouds ahead and hope we’ll find the sea.

The clouds offer a glimmer of hope, a way to go.

And we head toward them 

It’s a hunch, an intuitive feeling.

And we follow that feeling wherever it leads.

Perhaps to the sea.

Perhaps to the swamp.

Perhaps to the forest.

There’s no way of knowing where we’ll end up. 

We simply have to trust the path will take us where we need to go.

Maybe it’s not the sea that we’ll reach this morning.

Maybe it’s somewhere else that we hadn’t imagined before setting out.

A new locale, an unexpected place.

And maybe we'll forget the sea and set off on a different path.

And then, after we’ve explored this path, we'll get back on the original path and begin again, heading for the sea.

Our hearts are pulled by the clouds, by the feeling of water and by the need to immerse ourselves in it.

We want the words to flow over us like water.

We want to taste them on our lips and tongue.

We want them to drip from our pen onto the page until the page is soaked with words and we are drenched from the effort of swimming in them.

We want to dive into the sea of our story.

And the path will take us there.

If not this path, then another.

All paths lead to the sea if we trust them to take us where we need to go.

We are in search of our own inner ocean.

Each journey takes us closer and closer to the depths of ourselves.

So, take that first step, and follow the path wherever it leads.

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