Sunday, September 02, 2007

Swim Party!

After two years of blogging, Wordswimmer is hosting a swim party this Labor Day weekend... and we're hoping that you'll join us.

It's our way of thanking you for joining us in the water each week and for sharing your thoughts on writing or for just showing up and sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll in.

So... if you're ready to dive in, here's how you can join the party.

Just click on the comments button and take a minute to respond to one (or more) of the following questions:

1) Send a note in a bottle letting us know you're in the water, too. Tell us who you are and where you live and whatever else you'd like to share about yourself. (Remember this is a public pool, so you don't need to reveal too much.)

2) Share a few words about why you keep returning to Wordswimmer week after week... and what you'd like to see on the blog in future posts.

3) Let others know what you love most about writing. If you could share your favorite part of the process, what would you say to another writer just getting into the water?

4) Toast your favorite authors... who you go back to read again and again.

5) Bring your favorite blogs to the party, too... and let others know where you go for information about writing, or for encouragement to keep swimming, or for support on those days when words won't come or the water's too cold.

Mostly, enjoy meeting other writers to share the water with.

Thanks so much for stopping by... and for your encouragement over the past two years to keep swimming.


Barbara O'Connor said...

Oh, typical me - the first one at the party (and the last one to leave).

Okay - I'll dive in: I'm Barbara O'Connor. I write middle grade novels. I live in New England.

Why I return to Wordswimmer? I love reading other writers' processes. This is a solitary profession, so it's always nice to hear how others work...sometimes so different from me, sometimes so similar.

AND, I love Bruce's enthusiasm for good writing and his willingness to share with others.

splash splash splash.... now where's the beer?

Bruce Black said...


Thanks for diving in (first) and for sharing your own enthusiasm for writing at your blog, where I dip in every so often for a refreshing reminder of how to stay afloat week after week.

Pizza, beer, and ice cold lemonade are on that blanket over there... so help yourself.

If you need any extra sunblock, just let me know, ok?

And thanks for stopping by.


Jack said...

Hi, Jack O'Rourke checking in from the West Coast. I've been doing inspiration surfing in Wordswimmer since pretty near its startup. Always interesting Interviews, ideas, and links to wonderful material for writers. I'm mostly focused on writing and reading YA fiction, but always alert for MG reading recommendations, too, and all in ample supply at Wordswimmer. Great stuff, Bruce.

Bruce said...

Hey, Jack,

From the start... you leaped into the water with us... and served as a life-guard of sorts, making sure the water was safe, that I could swim without fear of sharks or riptides.

And you've served as inspiration for many of the posts that have appeared here over the past two years, especially the earliest ones, offering support and encouragement to keep swimming when my arms felt like they were going to fall off.

So... thanks for hanging in there ... and for joining us each week.

Water's great today, isn't it?
PS - I'll try to focus a bit more on MG novels in the future.