Friday, July 22, 2005

Welcome to Wordswimmer.

Are you drawn to words the same way that you're drawn to water, pulled by some mysterious force that eludes you... but which you trust intuitively?

Do you stand for hours gazing at the roaring sea or a calm bay--or even a cup of tea--the same way that you stare at a blank page, just wondering?

Sometimes I think these moments of silent wonder are gifts that we receive from the universe as part of living, not just as part of the writing process.

There's a kind of anticipation and excitment in the empty space before an idea emerges and the words begin to flow from your pen.

And sometimes, I know, the silence is a painful reminder of what we don't know... and may never know...

Yet we keep searching for words, don't we?

That's what Wordswimmer is about... the search for meaning that each of us embarks on as writers every time we dive into that blank well as how we find our way back from the deep with a word or phrase, a sentence, a story or poem or essay in our hands that we hadn't known was there, within our grasp.

Listen to the waves the next time you stand by the sea.

Better yet, when you sit at your desk, listen to the pulse of your heart... and wait for the words to come the way the waves come toward shore, bringing with them the mystery and magic of the deep.

If you're a Wordswimmer, you'll find words in the desert.

In the air.

The words are there, waiting.

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